Planning for Liquor Sales

Forrest Retail is a Melbourne Australia based specialist in retail liquor planning and design .


To collect and collate the necessary information, allowing us to prepare a professional fact driven plan, that combines market research, retail planning, product mix category analysis, floor plan layout, interior, exterior design and marketing assistance, so you as the retailer can optimize your business offer and profits.


We apply our process of analysis and knowledge, to the information gathered through the planning stage. From this analysis we are now very well equipped to develop and design a detailed store layout built around the optimum client base and correct product category mix that specifically suits your store floor area, whilst capturing the image and purchasing impulse, both internally and externally, in order to maximize your sales and profits. OUR FORMULA TO YOUR SUCCESS Correct Planning + Financial Options + Product mix Category Analysis + Floor Plan Evaluation + Designing Internal & External Image + Marketing Skills Input = Planning for Success OUR PRACTICABILITY Sometimes Designers and Architects create some fantastic images but, when you take it to the manufacturers they smile and ask “how much money do you have”? We create imaginative but very practical designs


Small to larger retailers and particularly those involved in the Hospitality, Liquor, Grocery / Supermarket and allied industries.


Is to assist those clients who are either commencing business in the retail sector in planning for a successful business, or those in existing retail businesses, to raise their offer in order to become more competitive, and more profitable.

Planning Stage

To understand your proposed or existing business Introduction of our unique "Information Check List", a comprehensive checklist, the details of which greatly assist in formulating the right plan for your business. -

  • Understanding the strengths
  • weaknesses and threats
  • Study of demographics and sales histories
  • Changing in real estate trends, parking availability
  • Current and potential customer base
  • Staff skills and requirement
  • Development of any niche market advantage

Finding the Right Finance Solution

Implementing a well structured financial solution will benefit the investment. At Forrest Retail we understand this and will work closely with you to manage all key financial requirements on your behalf.

  • The ability to turn a considerable capital outlay into a low recurring monthly expense.
  • Flexibility to structure payments to meet seasonal sales activity.
  • Improve cash flow, tax and accounting treatment
  • Implement a full refurbishment plan instead of stages due to capital restraints that are eased using finance.

Product Category Mix Analysis

For existing business a comprehensive stock take of product by category / price will be completed, then compared with the provided sales breakup for analysis. For new businesses a product category mix will be formulated from information gained in the planning stage and relative floor area available.

Floor Plan Development

For existing businesses a Floor Plan study & measure up will be completed. Any potential changes, expansions etc. developing from this study will be suggested and if adopted included in detail floor plan drawings. For new businesses a Floor Plan will be created from the information gained, or if there are current drawings, often we can make suggestions that will improve the store layout relative to the correct product mix ratios.
Getting it Right
With the knowledge gained from the planning stage, including the potential client base and the right product mix to suit the available floor area, we are able to create the final floor plan layout.